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Weekend Warrior Kids & Youth Jiu-Jitsu

For those with busy or limited schedules, we offer our Saturday-only Weekend Warrior Program. Unlike most programs that put your child to train and spar with other students that train multiple days throughout the week, this program creates a much safer and fun alternative for students to train with other peers who are only training once a week. Therefore eliminating the feeling of being left behind and feeling overwhelmed.

Call us at (562) 291-6699 to schedule your child’s trial class. Now enrolling kids ages 5 years and up. 


Weekend Warrior Schedule

Beginner Kids (5-8) & Youth (9-13) Jiu-Jitsu Program: This program is designed to teach new students the basic building blocks of Jiu-Jitsu. Below are some of the subjects we will be covering in our kid’s curriculum.

· How to take down an opponent
· How to stop an opponent from taking you down
· How to get on top and control the position (Side Control, Full Mount, etc.)
· How to submit an opponent from the top position
· How to fight off your back to submit or reverse the position
· How to attack the back and how to defend against getting choked

This list goes on with other great concepts.

In this stage of fundamentals training, we will also be covering the A, B, C’s (Always Be in Control) of our Safe Training Protocol in order to teach our students how to safely practice Jiu-Jitsu and foster a healthy emotional mindset for winning and losing.

After a student has achieved a general understanding of knowledge in this program we may recommend moving them up to our Intermediate/Advanced Kids Program. The time frame to move up may vary from child to child. When the time comes, your child’s coach will reach out to you to discuss a transfer to the Intermediate/Advanced program.

Schedule A Trial Class (562) 291-6699

– Now Enrolling Beginners
– Bully-Proof Your Child 

I’ve had my daughter enrolled in Academy for almost 3 years now and the staff is amazing! All the professors and coaches are very patient and encouraging, they bring out the best in these kids. I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to see how far along my daughter’s jiu-jitsu skills have improved and the look of excitement on her little face when she’s at Academy. Academy really does feel like a second family and I cannot imagine us going anywhere else.


Jiu-Jitsu Mom

Weekend Warrior No-Gi Class