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Academy Kickboxing

As part of our Academy Combat Division program, our members also receive training in muay thai, kickboxing and other striking disciplines. We understand that starting any martial arts journey can be a bit intimidating therefore we would welcome you to come to experience our family-friendly, no-ego, clean-and-safe environment by trying a class. We offer family discounts as well as discounts for military, law enforcement and fire fighters.


Kids Kickboxing

Bully proof your child with this class specifically designed to teach the key fundamentals of self-defense. They will learn how to manage distance and strike an opponent utilizing techniques and concepts. 

Jump Start Kickboxing

Jump Start your days with this awesome fitness class that incorporates bodyweight, mobility drills and kickboxing to get your heart pumping. Bring a towel and expect to burn 10,000 calories before 6am hits. 

Adult Kickboxing

Learn Kickboxing while getting in great shape through one of our morning or evening classes. Lead by one of our expert instructors you are sure to love this class. No prior experience required.


An essential part of any kickboxing or striking class is learning how to defend yourself. The techniques taught by our instructors are all effective ways to protect yourself against any attacker. 

But I've never done this before.....

We were all beginners once and know how intimidating it can be to start this adventure in self-defense. You’ll spend quite some time learning technique and defense before you’re ready to do any sparring. 

I haven't worked out in months or years.....

The fitness training you’ll receive during the kickboxing classes will get you in the best shape of your life. The instructors are understanding that everyone has different levels of intensity and therefore can adjust the session for each student according to their abilities.

I just don't like being punched or kicked.....

Nobody does (unless you’re into that kind of stuff)….which is why you’ll learn to defend yourself adequately and maintain distance as well as proper countering techniques. Your confidence will be sky high within a few weeks! It’s a win-win!

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Get fit, get healthy and get ready for a new you. 

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