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Kids Jiu-Jitsu Coach

Eduardo Lomeli

In 2024, Eduardo achieved a significant milestone in his martial arts journey: he was awarded the black belt by Checkmat founder, Leonardo Vieira. This honor stands as a testament to the rigorous training he underwent under the tutelage of various distinguished Checkmat instructors, including Hector Beltran and Mateo Tenzera, among them. Now, as a torchbearer for the award-winning kids program at Academy Downey and Yorba Linda, he carries forward this legacy with pride and honor.

Eduardo is not just a mentor, but a firm believer in the transformative power of martial arts. He sees it as a conduit for instilling discipline, enhancing focus, and fostering prosperity. This conviction fuels his passion and dedication, making every class he instructs a unique blend of knowledge and inspiration. With over two decades of teaching experience across varied subjects, he brings a wealth of insight and wisdom to the mats.

But that’s not all! Eduardo is also an active jiu-jitsu competitor, well-acquainted with the commitment and perseverance required to compete at the zenith of the sport. His presence is always felt at team competitions, where he lends his support and guidance as a coach. Off the mats, he dons the hat of a proud father, cheering on his two children who are students at the Academy. This dynamism of roles – teacher, competitor, coach, and parent – truly makes Eduardo a multifaceted personality in the world of martial arts.