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Proactive not Reactive
As per our customary hygienic precautions, Academy has decided to be proactive in combating the spread of COVID-19. For that reason we will be closing EFFECTIVE MARCH 12, 2020 until MARCH 23, 2020, however we might extend the closure depending on any changes to the current situation.

Concern and Care for Our Loved Ones
We’ll perhaps be one of the first martial arts gym to close within the area, however, we’re doing it out of sincere precaution for our loved ones who might be seriously impacted by this virus. Let’s join forces in being proactive and staying healthy.

Other Responses to Pandemic
IBJJF has already canceled the 2020 Pans and other major league sports organizations have suspended operations. We’re hopeful others will follow suit. The intelligent move would be to also suspend any non-vital close contact activities.

Account and Billing Suspension
All accounts will be suspended and will not be billed until we resume operations.

Attentive Staff
Our staff will be available via phone, Remind, Instagram, Facebook, and social media to answer any and all questions. We of course ask for patience as we get everything sorted and find a way to get through this phase.

We are all one family
As painful as it is for us to close it would be even more painful for us to see our families suffer from the disease and knowing we were not being fully proactive about it. I’m sure all will understand and we’ll get through this together.

Thank you for your support!

– Academy Staff